VISA Debit & ATM Card

If your VISA Debit or ATM card is LOST or STOLEN please click here .

VISA Debit Card

CFCU VISA Debit Card! Looks like a credit card, works like a check. You can use your card anywhere that accepts VISA, these days that’s just about everywhere. You can even use it to shop online, however for security reasons we recommend using your CFCU VISA Credit Card for that. Remember, when you use your debit card the funds come directly from your checking account, so it’s important to keep track. Some transactions such as gasoline purchases may take a day or two to post.

Debit Card Features:

  • Debit Card Round Up. This feature lets you round up your change from a debit card purchase to a selected savings account. For example, if your gasoline purchase came to $45.50, the system will round the purchase up to $46.00 and send the $0.50 to your selected savings account. Ready to set it up? Stop by, call or email us.
  • VISA Purchase Alerts. Do you like to be notified whenever a purchase is made on your debit card? This service does that for you! You’ll receive an email and/ or text alert for each debit card purchase made. To sign up for VISA Purchase Alerts click here. Note, this feature can be used with our CFCU VISA Credit Cards as well.

ATM Card

The CFCU ATM Card can only be used to access funds through an ATM. If you’re a member with a savings only or have a youth account, the ATM card will be your best option to access your funds.

CFCU has three ATM between it’s two locations; one walk up at our HQ in Cheney and two – one walk up and one drive up at our Westbow Branch. You can also use any Shared Branch ATM fee free nationwide.

Traveling With Your VISA Debit Card

If you are headed out of town and plan to use your Debit Card, please call us at 509.235.6533 (Cheney) or 509.598.7151 (Westbow).

VISA Gift Cards

The perfect gift for any occasion. Stop worrying about which toy all the kids are asking for, what neck size your brother-in-law prefers in his shirts, or the name of your sister’s favorite place to shop. Prepaid VISA Gift Cards are just right for everyone on your list.

Our VISA Gift Cards

  • $2.00 per card – that’s it folks. Quite the comparison to what the grocery stores charge.
  • Can be loaded with any whole dollar amount between $10 and $1,000.
  • Can be used anywhere VISA is accepted, with the exception of foreign countries.
  • These cards cannot be re-loaded.