CFCU Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule – Effective January 1, 2022

IRA Share Savings Account Fees

Processing$15.00 One time Set Up Fee

Checking Account Fees

NSF ( Non-Sufficient Funds)$25.00/Per presented item (paid or returned)
Stop Payment$25.00/Request
Check OrdersPricing may vary depending on style and quantity
Share Draft Checking Service$5.00/month IF the minimum balance is not maintained
Checking Overdraft/Transfer$5.00/Transfer from O/D line of credit or other account
Check Copy$2.00/Copy after first five copies

Other Service Fees

On Demand ACH Posting$10.00/Posting
Cashier’s Check$2.00/Check (One FREE per month)
Money Order$1.00/Money Order
Return Mail$1.00/Statement
Account Research$25.00/Hour
Statement Copy$1.00/Copy
Deposited Item Return $5.00/Per Presentment
Deposited Foreign Item return$20.00/Per Item
Domestic Wire Transfer$20.00/Transfer
International Wire Transfer$40.00/Transfer
Escheatment Fee $75.00 after 3 years of dormancy
Regulation D Violation Fee$5.00/Transfer out of savings after first 6 per month
Membership Closure$20.00 if the Membership Account is closed within 6 months of opening
Replacement of
Lost Debit or Credit Card

Safe Deposit Box

3″X5″ Box$20.00/Year
5″X5″ Box$25.00/Year
3″X10″ Box$35.00/Year
5″X10″ Box$40.00/Year
10″X10″ Box$65.00/Year
Replace One Lost Key$20.00
Drilling of Boxes$150.00

Loan Late Fee

Mortgage Loan Late FeeA payment over 10 days past due will receive an $18.00 late fee
Consumer Loan Late FeeA payment over 10 days past due will receive a $20.00 late fee PER month past due

Membership Share Value

Par Value of One Share$20.00

Rate Schedule: Share and Checking Accounts

Rate Schedule – Effective January 1, 2022.
Rates are subject to change.

Share Type% RateAPY = Annual Percentage Yield
Share Savings0.100.10
Share Draft Checking0.050.05
Share IRA0.350.35
Super Saver Share less than $2,5000.100.10
Super Saver Share $2,500 – $4,9990.180.18
Super Saver Share $5,000 – $24,9990.200.20
Super Saver Share $25,000 – $49,9990.200.20
Super Saver Share $50,0000.200.20