Notice to Borrowers Facing Foreclosure

If you have received a notice of pre-foreclosure options from CFCU (the “beneficiary”) concerning Residential Real Property Debt and you wish to discuss options for avoiding foreclosure, please call: 888.901.2328 or 509.235.6533.

Borrowers who wish to determine their options to foreclosure should also visit the Washington Department of Commerce’s website for important information about (1) documents you should collect and be prepared to present to the beneficiary or authorized agent when discussing option to foreclosure and (2) instructions for steps to take to explore options to foreclosure and (3) a list of contacts to approved housing counseling agencies.

  • CFCU NMLSR: 410438
  • Lynn Mount NMLSR: 510920
  • Angela Newberg NMLSR: 510977

The Department of Commerce webpage containing this information can be accessed at: